How to be a good neighbor in your apartment community

Undoubtedly, one of the most important factors to consider when looking for a great rental experience is the physical home itself. But did you know that your neighbors are just as influential and as important to your living experience? If you don’t coexist well with your neighbors, expect to experience an uncomfortable time. 

With that said, here are 5 ways to become the best neighbor possible:


Introduce yourself as soon as you move in, and keep saying “hello” every time you bump into your new neighbor. Also, ensure to communicate important things such as problems with the buildings, periods you’ll be away, and any other worthy information. 

This way, those around you will realize that you’re a nice, trustworthy person and you’ll soon make friends around your living space. 

Keep your surroundings clean and neat

Everyone hates living next to a slob. So make every effort to spruce up both the outside and inside of your apartment. This may mean clearing away clutter like garbage, shoes, and leaves. If you don’t maintain a clean surrounding, you’re likely to attract pest and rodent problems that will eventually affect your neighbors.

Be respectful

It’s important to respect other people’s space and time, especially when you’re residing in a shared space such as a complex apartment. This means that you avoid entertaining loud parties or playing loud music late into the night. 

Being respectful also means being mindful of shared walls, as well as not using your shared/outdoor spaces for anything unpleasant or dangerous. 

Adhere to all apartment community rules

Your apartment’s management most likely has several guidelines all residents ought to follow. Those rules usually cover everything from where to dispose of garbage, where to pack your car, and even how to solve disputes. Follow them! They’re in place in order to develop the community into a happier, cleaner, and friendlier place. 

Train your pets

According to a recent National Pet Owners Survey, about 85 million families or 77% of all US households have a pet. If you fall into this category, ensure to train your pets so they don’t end up a nuisance to your neighbors. In other words, your cats or dogs shouldn’t be noisy and should know how to relieve themselves in designated spots only. 

Be a thoughtful neighbor

The key to becoming a good neighbor is treating those around you just as you would like them to treat you. Show them respect and be as amicable as you can. This way, you’ll get along and enjoy better relationships with everyone.